Extra Credit Ideas

Visit an Art Museum:

Any Student who visits an art gallery or museum and submits a 1 page paper on what they saw and an art work they enjoyed will receive 5 extra credit points. You can receive up to 15 extra credit points total if you visit three different locations. A list of venues is listed below for your perusal. If you go to a venue not on the list that is completely fine. Just state the venue and write a paper.

Create a unique artwork:

Using the techniques acquired in class create a artwork relative to what you learned that semester. It must not have been done previously in class. Once finished with your work write a 1 page paper explaining the artwork. Why you did it. What makes it art? And the techniques you used to create it. This will be worth 10 extra credit points.

Critique an artwork:

Critique an artwork that has not been discussed in class. Write a two page paper discussing what the artwork is about and who created it. Then go into an explanation on why it is or is not art. Turn in the paper signed and add any references used to verify and explain your work. This will be worth 5 extra credit points.

Enter an art competition:

Using your artwork from class or work you created on your own. Find a local, midwest, or national art competition and enter your work. It does not matter if you come in first or last. What matters is that you tried and got the experience of what it takes to be an artist. This will be worth 10 extra credit points.