Negative space

Negative space

A testament to space

Big Idea:

to take the negative and make it known.

Description of Setting:

High School Art Classroom, 30+ students, 9 tables, 35 chairs, 2 sinks, projector

Public School, Fall Semester, 1st Quarter

45 minute class periods

Art History:

Examples of artists using negative space in sculpture: Yasuaki Oishi, Peter Callesen Copenhagen, Lead Pencil Studio, Rachel Whiteread

This artwork has one main goal not to show positive space but to show negative space. I requires ones eye and physical body to enter and interact with the space it creates.

Goal and Outcomes:

Students will take a space and show case its inner beauty. Make the outcome an ambitious, curious, form. One that we interact with

Students will work together on a large scale project.

Students will take a location and turn it into a new altered work of art.

Students will take separate pieces and make one large project.

Students can take technique and sculpture processes and utilize them on a grand scale to keep a sculpture sturdy structurally.

Students will have the option to decide on the elements used to create

Students will work as a group to brain storm

Student will discuss and critique artwork

Students will display artwork in the manner it is meant to be seen.


sketchbooks, pencils, wood, and whatever else we can conceive of and or afford.

Management Procedure:

Students will arrive on time and take there seats for attendance. Students will stay attentive and quiet while working.Students will not text on cell phones. Students will raise hand with questions. Students will respect one another and the work that is being created. Students will give positive feed back.

Instructional Process:

Students will walk into class and take their seats and wait for instruction. Once everyone is quiet students will be presented the still life assignment. We will then discuss drawing as line.

Basic set of art history will be outlined for them.

Students will sketch numerous design ideas and turn the best three in to the teacher.

Students will pick a material to work with as a group.

Students will focus on the true experience of negative space

Students will use their sculpture to interact with as many viewers as possible.

Students will take turns controlling the outcome of the process and focus on the whole product.

Art work will have a place specific area and be static and stationary.

Students will discuss and critique work.

Students will use artists discussed to write a paper and presentation to give in class.

critique and discussion.

Students will have the opportunity to pick an artist discussed to start there paper. This paper will help create an art history book and test material at the end of the year.

As the time nears end, the students will put away all material and find their table and wait for the bell patiently.

Student will leave the classroom courteous of one another.

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