Project Head

Project Head

Additive & Subtractive Story Telling

Big Idea:

Story Telling with sculpture.

Description of Setting:

High School Art Classroom, 30+ students, 9 tables, 35 chairs, 2 sinks, projector

Public School, Fall Semester, 1st Quarter

45 minute class periods

Art History:

Examples of artists using mosaic additive form: Niki De Saint Phalle

This artwork tells a story through structure and additional features added to the sculpture. Some can be minimalist in nature others can be very active works with numerous spikes and pivots in the works structure.

Goal and Outcomes:

Students will work through subtractive form and come up with a formative facial object.

Students will take created face and then manipulate it further to extend it’s form and function.

Students will then turn the head into something completely new with additive elements.

Students will use proper techniques in cutting away and adding sculptural elements.

Students will focus on a distinctive story telling feature.

They will tell a story with the sculpture with the additive elements.

Student will discuss and critique artwork

Students will display artwork in the manner it is meant to be seen.


sketchbooks, pencils, Plaster of paris, cement, wood, linoleum, card board, clay other liquid to solid materials. Metal, minerals. styrofoam heads. cutting Tools.

Management Procedure:

Students will arrive on time and take there seats for attendance. Students will stay attentive and quiet while working.Students will not text on cell phones. Students will raise hand with questions. Students will respect one another and the work that is being created. Students will give positive feed back.

Instructional Process:

Students will walk into class and take their seats and wait for instruction. Once everyone is quiet students will be presented the still life assignment. We will then discuss drawing as line.

Basic set of art history will be outlined for them. Discussing why we manipulate the body and it’s form into different entities. To tell a story or show off a feature that wouldn’t be recognizable before.

Students will sketch numerous design ideas and turn the best three in to the teacher.

Once idea and brain storming is finalized students will prepare their styrofoam head for work. Using different x acto knifes and other tools to carve they will begin creating their work of art.

As head finished the student will need to think about what the next step will be in the design of additive features.

This will focus mainly on pushing the first form element into an alternate direction telling us a story on the way. Head with a light bulb etc…

Students will use numerous techniques to recreate possible textures or structural bases for their work.

Students will be able to use power tools and work cohesively as a unit.

Once students work is upon completion they will begin finding the proper base and display methods of their work.

Students will discuss and critique work.

Students will use artists discussed to write a paper and presentation to give in class.

critique and discussion.

Students will have the opportunity to pick an artist discussed to start there paper. This paper will help create an art history book and test material at the end of the year.

As the time nears end, the students will put away all material and find their table and wait for the bell patiently.

Student will leave the classroom courteous of one another.

DSC02839 1280px-Niki_de_Saint_Phalle_Budha 0 DIY-halloween-head-crafts-unleashed-3 216457551_d3fa12fe3b mainview2 DSC08444 niki_la-cabeza nestea-straws 011_Nicki-de-Saint-Phalle Img477_Madussa_Trio