Still Life (shapes & fabrics)

Still Life (shapes & fabrics)

Learning the value of value

Big Idea:

Value brings emphasis and interest into light. Shading objects strengthening the 2-D structure.

Description of Setting:

High School Art Classroom, 30+ students, 9 tables, 35 chairs, 2 sinks, projector

Public School, Fall Semester, 1st Quarter

45 minute class periods

Art History:

Artists telling a story using a technique called Chiaroscuro:  the use of contrasts of light to achieve a sense of volume in modeling three-dimensional objects and figures.

originated during the Renaissance as drawing on colored paper, where the artist worked from the paper’s base tone toward light. Gradation took effect causing a 3 dimensional volume. We call this shading.

Leonard Da Vinci, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Chuck close, Edward Weston

Many different periods of art all use value and shading to create organic depictions of real life.

Goal and Outcomes:

Be able to use different shading techniques to take an image from a flat 2 dimensional plane to a full bodied 3 dimensional plane.

Be able to shade a still life appropriately with lighting.

create value scale

Be able to shade draped fabric

Multiple sketches required. Final project will encompass drapery and still life.

Positive Critique will be had at end of project.

Discussion pertaining to the silhouette project in class. Is it art? How did it make you feel? Does this give you opportunities to express yourselves in other ways?


newsprint, pencil, 16×20 sheet of white paper, sketch books

Management Procedure:

Students will arrive on time and take there seats for attendance. Students will stay attentive and quiet while working.Students will not text on cell phones. Students will raise hand with questions. Students will respect one another and the work that is being created. Students will give positive feed back.

Instructional Process:

Students will walk into class and take their seats and wait for instruction. Once everyone is quiet students will be presented the still life value assignment.This includes multiple days of sketching still life timed. Each sketch with shading will take approximately 20mins.

Students will be required to create a value scale appropriate with proper shading techniques.

Basic set of art history will be outlined for them. Students will have the rest of the class to sketch. The final project will begin on September 30th. The project will include a 16×20 still life full shading with drapery.

Once project is finished students will help hang the art work on the wall for critique and discussion. We will then learn and discuss positive feed back and critique.

Students will have the opportunity to pick an artist discussed to start there paper. This paper will help create an art history book and test material at the end of the year.

As the time nears end, the students will put away all material and find their table and wait for the bell patiently.

Student will leave the classroom courteous of one another.

Still-Life-with-a-Curtain drapery3 1 still drapery_still_life_by_tangurano-d61746n geo subtractive_drapery_by_rockwithme192-d4v1p93